These one-of-a -kind centerpieces were cut from the same block of Onyx that hails from the mountains of Northern Argentina. This unique and rare stone can best be described as a mineral green with shades of turquoise, jade and light emerald green with veins of burnt sienna running throughout.

This relatively large and graceful centerpiece reminds one of an open leaf, with deep sienna colored veins emanating from the center of the sculpture to its outer edges. In her signature style, Ms. Antar allows the stone to speak for itself, making her work look both subtle and effortless. Though she spends hundreds of hours cutting, grinding and shaping the stone, her work calls attention to the stone itself and makes that the object and center of her creations. Her polishing of the stone is done in such a way as to emphasize the rough edges. Is this to remind us of the fact that life, too, has its rough side as well as the smooth, silky and beautiful sides?

3”h X 16”w X 6”d


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