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100 Sculptors of Tomorrow

“Comparisons [of Robin Antar’s work] might be made with Claes Oldenburg or Jeff Koons. The answer to culture isn’t lurking in a high-art, theoretically-burdened manifesto, but rather in the simple, often silly, everyday articulations that come to act as metonym for an entire nation, society or ideology.”

- Kurt Beers, 100 Sculptors of Tomorrow

“For too long, sculpture was in danger of losing its prominence as a major art form…..There are an astonishing array of possibilities now playing a part in sculpture. The following are some of the most exciting talents in sculpture today: Robin Antar” (The Best Sculptors in the World)


“Robin Antar is a no-nonsense sculptor who has recently been named the first female artist to be featured at POP International Galleries in New York.”

food network

“These stone sculptures are so convincing that some of artist Robin Antar’s houseguests have actually mistaken them for the real deal.”

cbs new york

“Brooklyn artist [Robin Antar] turns the borough’s famed sandwich into a work of art.”

Queens Ledger

“Robin Antar’s catalogue of sculptures is as much a diverse blend of sincerity, gravity, charisma and quintessential New York City as her home borough of Brooklyn.” 

Picture This Post

“Through combining iconic images and skillful sculpting techniques, Robin Antar has been producing pieces for over 30 years that describe the American experience through a lens of pop culture.”

Daily News

"Antar specializes in recreating everyday items we know and love or just take for granted. In the process, she’s become Brooklyn’s answer to Andy Warhol."

- Daily News
New York Post

"Michelangelo carved angels...but rather than reach for angels, Antar strives for everyday objects."

Marble Symposium

"Antar is like the artwork she creates – one of a kind. She’s tough and she’s aggressive. Her work is a step beyond Warhol - she gets around to the back of the soup can, [while] he only expresses the same angle over and over again."

- Madeline Wiener, Marble/Marble Symposium Director

“Robin Antar’s attention to detail is phenomenal. It’s amazing to see the accuracy of the zipper [on the Diesel jeans], and even the lettering on the tag is very convincing.”

- Jerry Bradshaw, Professor of Art, University of Nebraska
Pop Culture Radio

“Antar’s work reminds me of everything that is good about artwork. It is fun, smart and solid.”

Brooklny Daily Eaglen

"Even [during] the more vital day of the Pop Art movement...nobody really took it to the level of stone. So what does that say about Antar as an artist? Clearly, she has respect for American commercial objects and an equal reverence for realism.”

Sculptural Pursuit

“Robin Antar lives for her art. She is very good at what she does. Don’t be surprised if you find her ‘coming to a theater near you’ very soon.”