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Virtual Curated Galleries Realism

What is America?

Renowned American sculptor Robin Antar has been likened to "Brooklyn's version of Andy Warhol." Her artistic mission is to capture a visual narrative of modern American society by immortalizing everyday objects, delving into the essence of "What is America?"

With meticulous precision, Antar carves stone into enduring monuments of contemporary life, including a hamburger with fries, an American-made work boot, denim jeans, and a colossal "Ballpark Frank." Each sculpture in this series serves as a testament to America's past, present, and future, with some featuring “classic” older versions of logos that evoke nostalgia for bygone eras.


Condiments like mayonnaise and ketchup are commonly found in many American eateries and diners, yet sculptor Robin Antar reveals that despite their widespread use, she personally does not care for condiments and does not keep them in her own home. These sculptures reflect Antar's role as “the artist as an observer” of American culture, capturing and portraying common elements that are deeply ingrained in the society she examines.

The “Divided America” project explores themes of conflict and trauma through national crises and loaded American symbols at the forefront of today’s politics.

What Is America Now?

These pieces represent significant recent events that have profoundly influenced American culture.