One of a Kind Sculptural Expressions for the Home


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Antar In Action

“Antar specializes in recreating everyday items we know and love or just take for granted. In the process, she’s become Brooklyn’s answer to Andy Warhol.” 

Daily News

“Michelangelo carved angels...but rather than reach for angels, Antar strives for everyday objects.” 

New York Post

“Antar is like the artwork she creates – one of a kind. She’s tough and she’s aggressive. Her work is a step beyond Warhol - she gets around to the back of the soup can, [while] he only expresses the same angle over and over again.” 

Madeline Wiener, Marble/Marble Symposium Director

“Robin Antar’s attention to detail is phenomenal. It’s amazing to see the accuracy of the zipper [on the Diesel jeans], and even the lettering on the tag is very convincing.” 


“Antar’s work reminds me of everything that is good about artwork. It is fun, smart and solid.” 


Stone Sculptor