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The Anxieties and Difficulties of Raising Children   THE STORY BEHIND THE D KNOTS “In response to my youngest son's battle with drug addiction, I created three knots in his honor to symbolize my feelings of frustration: D Knot #1, D Knot #2, and D Knot #3. The initial D Knot was carved out of a 400-pound block of watermelon marble, a notably tough stone. My more recent creations convey universal themes of struggle." In the summer of 2006, I arrived at the Marble/marble symposium with a heavy heart as my son David was undergoing treatment at a drug rehab facility in Florida. The anxiety was palpable, twisting my stomach into knots! Seeking solace, I decided to purchase a boulder of watermelon marble and throw myself into sculpting.   Using a ribbon tied in a knot as my visual model and inspiration, I attacked the stone with a five-inch diamond blade, channeling my pent-up anger and frustration into the marble. Over the next year, I meticulously rough cut and refined the lines of the sculpture, employing various powerful tools like diamond blades, core bits, and grinders to work through the hard marble. The marble used for this sculpture was incredibly dense, making hand tools ineffective for the intricate polishing and finishing required.   As the sculpture took shape, I couldn't help but see parallels between the piece and David himself. Like my David, this work of art is a study of contradictions.   • hard stone that appears to be pliable • sharp lines in soft colored stone • heavy stone that appears to be graceful and elegant     Just as the sculpture stood balanced on a small plane, David's journey to sobriety was a delicate balancing act.  We never knew how long it would last and if we would get that dreaded phone call. David could be as tough and unyielding as a boulder, yet at the same time, he possessed a sweet nature and found joy in helping others. Despite his own battles, he founded "CRY OUT," aiding countless addicts in seeking treatment and getting admitted to drug rehab facilities.  Ultimately, he could not save himself, but he helped many others.   Years later, on October 8, 2010, while David was on a path of recovery, he shared this sculpture on his Facebook page with the following statement:   “This was made by my mom during my addiction over the years. It represents how addiction affects everyone in the family, not just the addict.”   David couldn't have predicted how accurate those words would turn out to be. Tragically, in October 2013, his father and I received that dreaded phone call and the devastating news of his passing.   To this day, this piece of work contains my love for David interwoven with all the other emotions he stirred within me.   ●      David is survived by his mother, Robin, his father, Sam, and his brothers Eddy and Leon. May his memory be a blessing, forever cherished in our hearts.   D Knot # 1 was created in 2010. D Knot # 2 was created in 2011. It is carved from a single piece of Yule Marble. Dimensions: 17”h X 40”w X 15”d.