this is a casting of the boxing gloves carved out of Carrara marble, they look amazing real like

7"h X 16"w X 12"d

I sold these I could make more with a deposit

edition size 12

This sculpture was renamed NY Toughin 2020. It was originally titled Win the Fightfollowing a period of struggle in the artist’s personal life but took on new meaning during the 2020 COVID pandemic that hit New York City especially hard. The #Nytough hashtag on Twitter rallied New Yorkers together to beat the pandemic. “We need to hang tough, be there for one another, be caring, remember our humanity and support each other through this really difficult time in our city.”

Purchasing Sculpture could be complicated. Please feel free to reach out and email me at robin@rantar.com  to discuss installation and display or any other concerns you might have.