Him and Her

a male figure leaning against a female figure

the female figure is holding all her pain in the chest.

 absorbing her pain, hidden

 THE DANCE : The taller, female figure is leaning into the male hoping to get support. Instead, she becomes a vessel for the pain in the marriage/family/life/v/s

what is left behind the relationship is over the

Marble's origins actually lie in marine organisms that leave behind their calcite-rich shells when they die. As water bodies evaporate, these deposited remains form limestone

 After a relationship ends, what is left? Where do you hold your pain? terracotta colored alabaster






carved out of alabaster


34"h X 12"w X 10"D

Purchasing Sculpture could be complicated. Please feel free to reach out and email me at robin@rantar.com  to discuss installation and display or any other concerns you might have.