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In the field of psychology, projective tests are personality tests utilized as a means to uncover hidden emotions and internal conflicts within an individual by having them respond to ambiguous stimuli. When I shared this particular piece with a friend, she immediately perceived two figures huddled together, engaged in what she interpreted as gossiping, laughing, flirting, or simply bonding. This prompted laughter from me, as it perfectly illustrated the subjective nature of perception. Interestingly, another friend, who was going through a challenging divorce, saw the two figures depicted as standing back to back, seemingly ignoring each other. While I may not be well-versed in psychology, I do understand the power of art. These distinct figures, varying in size, color, and shape, invite viewers to project their own narratives onto the artwork. Who's to say that they are even human figures? Another friend envisioned the lavender figure as her beloved cat, seeking comfort after a stressful day at work. Art is not meant to be serious- it should be enjoyed and allow for creativity; have fun with these pieces and create your own unique story! 2010 Alabaster 6”h X 13”w X 8”d (no base)