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Conversation Between Equals

  • Year2009
  • Material


  • Size

    12”h X 20”w X 10”d (together including granite base)


Individual differences make the world a great place

Unlike the previous pieces, the two pieces that comprise the following sculpture are attached to an immovable base.

The figure on the left maintains a rigid and upright posture, while the figure on the right is leaning forward. They are in close proximity, knee to knee. However, are they genuinely listening to each other, or are they trapped in their own thoughts, perceptions, and emotions? Is the figure on the right leaning forward to better understand their companion, or are they leaning in submission, resigning to the belief that their voice won't be heard? Over the past year, I've realized one crucial lesson: regardless of our political beliefs, religious affiliations, race, or any other factors that divide us, we must lean forward and truly listen to the perspectives of others, or else we risk losing our unity as a nation. Put away the phone, close the laptop for a moment, and actively listen to those around you. You may discover something new about them, or even more importantly, you may uncover something valuable about yourself.