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The Cambridge dictionary defines the word, "engagement" in two opposing and contradictory terms:

It is “the process of encouraging people to be interested in" something, such as the work of an organization and also "the act of beginning to fight someone, or a period of time in a war."

What I see are two figures who are isolated, stuck on what looks like an iceberg with their “heads” bent towards one another. How different is this from being on social media? We come across a post, a tweet, a blog or even a simple photo. How do we engage? Do we lean forward and listen to that unembodied voice, perhaps to learn about a new idea or form new opinions about a topic (even, and perhaps especially, if we had preconceived notions about it?) Or do we lean in and prepare for war, sending missives, memes or mocking witty GIFs, so we can impress our so-called “internet friends?” How will you engage on your own little island?