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  • Year2020
  • Material

    Yule marble on alabaster

  • Size

    6”h X 7”w X 4.5”d


“Engagement” is defined by the Cambridge Dictionary in two opposing and contradictory terms:
It is “the process of encouraging people to be interested in” something, such as the work of an organization, and also “the act of beginning to fight someone or a period of time in a war.”

What I observe are two figures stranded on what appears to be an iceberg, with their "heads" inclined towards each other. How does this differ from interactions on social media? We encounter posts, tweets, blogs, or even simple photos. How do we respond? Do we lean in and attentively listen to the voice behind the screen, perhaps opening ourselves to new ideas or reshaping our opinions on a subject (even if we held strong preconceived notions)? Or do we lean in ready for battle, firing off messages, memes, or clever GIFs to impress our "internet friends"? How will you choose to engage on your own digital island?