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  • Year2016
  • Size

    9”h X 9”w X 7”d

    With base: 10”h X 10”w X 7.5”d


There is a time for springing into action and a time for Resting. As part of my series on pondering the next stages of my life, this simple form represents a figure resting before moving into action. This cobra-shaped stone has a rough and a smooth side. The rough side was achieved by slicing the stone with a five-inch diamond blade and pitching the slices with a mallet and chisel. This figure is me, coiled in on myself, resting before I spring into action. Energy and light are pulsing through me and I don’t know where I’ll end up. I love this Honeycomb Calcite for its ability to capture the light as well as the white veins containing mineral deposits that are caught in its intricate layers.