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Pear shaped onyx centerpiece with a white calcite spot

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These one-of-a -kind centerpieces were cut from the same block of Onyx that hails from the mountains of Northern Argentina. This unique and rare stone can best be described as a mineral green with shades of turquoise, jade and light emerald green with veins of burnt sienna running throughout. What distinguishes these pieces are the shapes the artist chose to carve from each block of stone and her signature contrast of the rough stone with the highly polished sides which vary considerably from piece to piece. This unusually shaped centerpiece was achieved by the artist by grinding and chiseling the stone in such a way as to allow it to reveal its inner beauty. The white dot you see was done by drilling a hole into the piece and inserting another kind of stone. The sculpture is deep enough to hold a seasonal display of dried flowers or a special memento but stands alone as an illustration of your good taste. 2"h x 7"w x 5"d For questions about this item, please email